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Dxrery Networks


Dxrery Networks is a Towny server hosted in South Africa with custom mod-like features and free time-based ranks. Join us using the IP It features jobs, quests, a battlepass, player-based and server shops, towny, slimefun, etc. We have players from all over the world. Join our Discord.

  • What are PlayerWarps?

    Player Warps are a feature on the server that allows you to create your own warps to shops or special locations that any player can warp to.

  • Nation Guide

    Have you made a town and ran out of claimable chunks? Do you want to go to war? The answer to both of these would be to either join or make a nation.

  • Towny FAQ

    This is a quick FAQ that will address most of the questions seen from new players, citizens and mayors in chat on a daily basis.