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Towny Command List

A beginners guide of the common commands for Towny.

General Towny Commands for Players:

  • /towny prices: Displays the price list for various Towny actions and features.
  • /towny map: Shows a map of the world, displaying town borders and other regions.
  • /towny resident [name] [toggle]: Manages your resident settings (e.g., chat, map, pvp).
  • /towny deposit [amount]: Deposits money into the town bank.
  • /towny withdraw [amount]: Withdraws money from the town bank.
  • /towny here: Displays information about the town you are currently in.
  • /towny leave: Leaves your current town.
  • /towny list: Shows a list of towns on the server.
  • /towny online: Displays a list of online players in your town.
  • /towny toggle [toggle]: Toggles various town permissions (e.g., public, pvp).

Town Commands:

  • /towny new [name]: Creates a new town.
  • /towny invite [player]: Invites a player to join your town.
  • /towny kick [player]: Kicks a player from your town.
  • /towny claim: Claims a plot of land for your town.
  • /towny deposit [amount]: Deposits money into your town's bank.
  • /towny withdraw [amount]: Withdraws money from your town's bank.
  • /towny rank add [resident] [rank]: Assigns a rank to a resident in your town.

Nation Commands:

  • /towny new [name]: Creates a new nation.
  • /towny join [nation]: Joins an existing nation.
  • /towny leave [nation]: Leaves your current nation.
  • /towny king: Displays information about the king of your nation.
  • /towny set king [player]: Sets a player as king of your nation.

Plot Commands:

  • /plot claim: Claims the plot you are standing in.
  • /plot set reset: Resets the plot settings to default.
  • /plot toggle [toggle]: Toggles plot permissions.

These commands offer basic functionalities for players involved in town and nation management.