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Creating a Shop with ChestShop Plugin

This simple setup allows players to establish their shops with buy and sell prices for specified quantities of items.

Creating a Shop with ChestShop Plugin

  1. Placing the Chest and Sign

    • Place a chest on the ground where you want your shop.
    • Put a sign one block away from the chest (for example, above it, but it can also work by placing it directly on the chest).
  2. Formatting the Sign

    • Line 1: Leave this line empty; your name will automatically fill in.
    • Line 2: Enter the amount of items to buy or sell (e.g., 64 for a full stack).
    • Line 3: Specify the buy and sell prices using the format B buy_price:S sell_price.
      • Example: B 10:S 5 means buying at 10 units and selling at 5 units.
    • Line 4: Write ? to auto-fill the item from the chest or write the item's ID/name.
      • Optionally, write the item's name directly on this line. You can find the name by using /iteminfo while holding the item.

Example Shop Setup

  • Sign Text Example:
    • Line 1: (left blank)
    • Line 2: 64
    • Line 3: B 10:S 5
    • Line 4: ? or the item name (e.g., "Diamonds or Iron_Ingot")

Resulting Shop:

A player can buy 64 diamonds or 64 Iron Ingots for 10 units and sell them back for 5 units from DirewolF_ZA's shop (DirewolF_ZA created this shop).

Using the Shop

  • Buying: Right-click the sign to buy items.
  • Selling: Left-click the sign to sell items.