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Nation Guide

Have you made a town and ran out of claimable chunks? Do you want to go to war? The answer to both of these would be to either join or make a nation.

If you're stuck as to how to do this, we've provided the information below.


Initially, when you start your town, you will only have 8 available chunks to claim. You receive 8 chunks for every player who is a resident in your town. You can buy more claimable chunks using /t bonus buy [amount], with a limit of 500 at a cost of B100 per chunk, this can be very expensive early on. Joining a nation can increase the number of chunks you can claim by providing a bonus of 100 chunks depending on how many people are in the nation.

You will also be able to teleport to all towns in the nation. You can view your nation’s towns by doing /nation.

If you join a large enough nation, you can very easily have dozens of teleports all over the map. It usually costs B10 to teleport, which is not much at all.


Joining a nation has its own drawbacks. By accepting an invitation or making your own nation, your town will be in danger of being targeted by the server's war system ONE DAY, not necessarily yet. Additionally, anyone else also in the nation you've joined will be able to teleport to your homeblock - make sure your permissions are air-tight!

Joining a Nation

Joining a nation is fairly simple. There are many nations already established on the server, and all you have to do is ask either their leader or one of their assistants for a nation invite. As with joining a town, do /accept to become part of your chosen nation once the invite's received.

Making a Nation

If you have made a town, you will understand how to make a nation relatively easily. To form your nation, do /nation new [name]. Making a nation requires there to be B50,000 in your town bank and costs B50 a day in real time for upkeep.

Once you have everything set up, you'll want to start inviting towns. However, don't invite them without talking to the mayor/assistants first - just common courtesy. Once they've agreed to join your nation, simply do the command /nation add [townname] to bring them into the fold. Depending on their town population, this may bring a nation chunk increase from the base 10. Good luck!